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BioPerl CORBA server (defunct)

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This distribution is for the bioperl CORBA server applications. You
will need both bioperl and CORBA::ORBit to run this. (available on
CPAN) which itself needs

README.bioperl-corba is the README shared with bioper-corba-client
distribution about how the whole architecture hangs together. Read
that first.

This release supports the biocorba IDL 0.2 which is included in this

This distribution has the following source directories:

Bio/CorbaServer/ - the wrapper objects which wrap bioperl objects
                   as BioCorba objects

servers          - perl scripts which build some objects and then
                   activate their orbs to run, exposing the objects
                   for use.

testclients      - simple clients to test the servers are working.

This code was started and mainly written by Ewan Birney 
<> and Jason Stajich <>


Because the tests are dependant on a server being available it is
necessary that the test servers and clients should be run rather than
make test.  The only test - notest - will simply load all the 
Bio::CorbaServer modules.
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