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Minor POD fix

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1 parent dc600dd commit 0c87021f22d12bc0f4202556814c70edea118196 bosborne committed Mar 1, 2002
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@@ -90,9 +90,9 @@ I<Bio::Biblio> instances.
=item B<Bio::DB::Biblio::soap>
This is a real implementation of all methods defined in
-L<Bio::DB::BiblioI> using SOAP protocol (calling a WebService
+Bio::DB::BiblioI using SOAP protocol (calling a WebService
based on SOAP). This class should not be instantiated directly (use
-I<Bio::Biblio> instead).
+I<Bio::Biblio> instead). See L<Bio::DB::BiblioI> for details.
=item Bio::Biblio::IO I<(not yet written)>

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