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SearchResultEventBuilder & IteratedSearchResultEventBuilder:

Fixed Feature #2615. Moved "_init_parse_params", "max_significance,
"signif", "min_score", "min_bits, and "hit_filter" methods from
'IteratedSearchResultEventBuilder' to parent 'SearchResultEventBuilder',
also merged the "end_result" code from both modules since
it was very similar. This means that 1) IteratedSearch now only
have the code that is different and specific for Blast iterations,
and 2) that the moved methods will now work with other Bio::SearchIO
formats besides Blast, closing the inconsistent effect in different
formats of the related Bio::SearchIO->new() parameters.
Added tests for all moved methods using HMMER outputs and run
the full test suite and everything pass.
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1 parent 120fd91 commit 3165a97e3de6fd7cec34e238196f9e8581255e53 @fjossandon fjossandon committed Jan 14, 2014
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