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# Let the code begin...
package Bio::Expression::FeatureGroup::FeatureGroupMas50;
# $Id$
=head1 NAME
Bio::Expression::FeatureGroup::FeatureGroupMas50 - utility class for Mas50 FeatureGroup
use strict;
use base qw(Bio::Expression::FeatureGroup);
use vars qw($DEBUG);
use Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::MethodMaker
get_set => [qw(
probe_set_name stat_pairs stat_pairs_used
signal detection detection_p_value
stat_common_pairs signal_log_ratio
signal_log_ratio_high change change_p_value
positive negative pairs pairs_used
pairs_inavg pos_fraction log_avg
pos_neg avg_diff abs_call inc dec
inc_ratio dec_ratio pos_change
neg_change inc_dec dpos_dneg_ratio
log_avg_ratio_change diff_call
avg_diff_change b_a fold_change