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Revision history for Bioperl run modules
+1.5.1 Release in sync with bioperl core
+ o First major release in a while, so lots of things in this release
+ o PHYLIP wrappers are updated for PHYLIP 3.6, some programs will no
+ longer work (DrawTree and DrawGram specifically) for 3.5 at ths
+ point. It will depend on whether or not anyone really wants this
+ if we'll add in the necessary stuf to support 3.5. It isn't
+ hard, just requires some stuff in th modules.
+ o Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Muscle added
+ o PAML wrapper for Yn00 and Codeml are more forgiving about the
+ argument validation.
+ o Several wrappers updated for newer versions of the programs.
+ TribeMCL, Genewise, RepeatMasker
1.2.2 Release update in sync with bioperl core
o Soaplab

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