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bioperl-run contain modules that provides a PERL interface to various 
bioinformatics applications. This allows various
applications to be used with common bioperl objects.

See the Changes file for more information about what is
contained in here.  The installation of this package is identical to
the core bioperl install.


   % perl Makefile.PL
   % make
   % make test (some tests may not succeed if you do not have the necessary
	        programs or env variables defined)
   % su
   # make install

Some important environment variables you need to be aware of.

Variable		Values     Comment
PHYLIPVERSION		3.5, 3.6   If you want to run Phylip3.6 you 
				   need to set this env variable to 3.6
BLASTDIR		DIR PATH   Point to the directory where BLAST 
	                           is installed
GENSCAN_DIR		DIR PATH  Point to the directory where HumanIso.smat file 
				  is installed
EPONINEDIR          	DIR PATH  Point to the directory where eponine_scan.jar is installed
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