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"""Testing code for Restriction enzyme classes of Biopython.
import unittest
from Bio.Restriction import *
from Bio.Seq import Seq
from Bio.Alphabet.IUPAC import IUPACAmbiguousDNA
class SimpleEnzyme(unittest.TestCase):
"""Tests for dealing with basic enzymes using the Restriction package.
def setUp(self):
base_seq = Seq("AAAA", IUPACAmbiguousDNA())
self.ecosite_seq = base_seq + Seq(,
IUPACAmbiguousDNA()) + base_seq
def test_eco_cutting(self):
"""Test basic cutting with EcoRI.
self.assertEqual(, 'GAATTC')
self.assertEqual(EcoRI.elucidate(), "G^AATT_C")
self.assertEqual(, [6])
parts = EcoRI.catalyse(self.ecosite_seq)
self.assertEqual(len(parts), 2)
self.assertEqual(parts[1].tostring(), "AATTCAAAA")
parts = EcoRI.catalyze(self.ecosite_seq)
self.assertEqual(len(parts), 2)
def test_circular_sequences(self):
"""Deal with cutting circular sequences.
parts = EcoRI.catalyse(self.ecosite_seq, linear = False)
self.assertEqual(len(parts), 1)
locations =[0], linear = False)
self.assertEqual(locations, [1])
class EnzymeComparison(unittest.TestCase):
"""Tests for comparing various enzymes.
def test_basic_isochizomers(self):
"""Test to be sure isochizomer and neoschizomers are as expected.
self.assertEqual(Acc65I.isoschizomers(), [Asp718I, KpnI])
self.assertEqual(Acc65I.elucidate(), 'G^GTAC_C')
self.assertEqual(Asp718I.elucidate(), 'G^GTAC_C')
self.assertEqual(KpnI.elucidate(), 'G_GTAC^C')
def test_comparisons(self):
"""Comparison operators between iso and neoschizomers.
self.assertEqual(Acc65I, Acc65I)
self.assertNotEqual(Acc65I, KpnI)
self.assertFalse(Acc65I == Asp718I)
self.assertFalse(Acc65I != Asp718I)
self.assertNotEqual(Acc65I, EcoRI)
self.assertTrue(Acc65I >> KpnI)
self.assertFalse(Acc65I >> Asp718I)
self.assertTrue(Acc65I % Asp718I)
self.assertTrue(Acc65I % Acc65I)
self.assertFalse(Acc65I % KpnI)
class RestrictionBatches(unittest.TestCase):
"""Tests for dealing with batches of restriction enzymes.
def test_creating_batch(self):
"""Creating and modifying a restriction batch.
batch = RestrictionBatch([EcoRI])
batch += EcoRV
self.assertEqual(len(batch), 3)
# The usual way to test batch membership
self.assertTrue(EcoRV in batch)
self.assertTrue(EcoRI in batch)
self.assertTrue(KpnI in batch)
self.assertTrue(SmaI not in batch)
# Syntax sugar for the above
self.assertTrue('EcoRV' in batch)
self.assertFalse('SmaI' in batch)
self.assertRaises(ValueError, batch.get, SmaI)
self.assertEqual(len(batch), 2)
self.assertTrue(EcoRV not in batch)
self.assertTrue('EcoRV' not in batch)
def test_batch_analysis(self):
"""Sequence analysis with a restriction batch.
seq = Seq("AAAA" + + "AAAA" + + "AAAA",
batch = RestrictionBatch([EcoRV, EcoRI])
hits =
self.assertEqual(hits[EcoRV], [8])
self.assertEqual(hits[EcoRI], [16])
if __name__ == "__main__":
runner = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity = 2)
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