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# Copyright 2003 by Bartek Wilczynski. All rights reserved.
# This code is part of the Biopython distribution and governed by its
# license. Please see the LICENSE file that should have been included
# as part of this package.
"""Parsing TRANSFAC files
import warnings
from Bio import BiopythonExperimentalWarning
warnings.warn("Bio.Motif.TRANSFAC is experimental code. While it is usable, \
the code is subject to change without warning", BiopythonExperimentalWarning)
from Bio.Motif import Motif as BaseMotif
class Motif(BaseMotif, dict):
"""A Bio.Motif.TRANSFAC.Motif stores the information in one TRANSFAC
motif. This class inherits from the Bio.Motif.Motif base class, as well
as from a Python dictionary. All motif information found by the parser
is stored as attributes of the base class when possible; see the
Bio.Motif.Motif base class for a description of these attributes. All
other information associated with the motif is stored as (key, value)
pairs in the dictionary, where the key is the two-letter fields as found
in the TRANSFAC file. References are an exception: These are stored in
the .references attribute.
These fields are commonly found in TRANSFAC files:
AC: Accession number
AS: Accession numbers, secondary
BA: Statistical basis
BF: Binding factors
BS: Factor binding sites underlying the matrix
[SITE accession number; start position for matrix sequence;
length of sequence used; number of gaps inserted; strand
CC: Comments
CO: Copyright notice
DE: Short factor description
DR: External databases
[EMBL/GEnBank accession number; EMBL identifier (1st: last
position of the TRANSFAC sequence element)]
DT: Date created/updated
HC: Subfamilies
HP: Superfamilies
ID: Identifier
NA: Name of the binding factor
OC: Taxonomic classification
OS: Species/Taxon
OV: Older version
PV: Preferred version
TY: Type
XX: Empty line; these are not stored in the Record.
References are stored in an .references attribute, which is a list of
dictionaries with the following keys:
RN: Reference number
RA: Reference authors
RL: Reference data
RT: Reference title
RX: PubMed ID
For more information, see the TRANSFAC documentation.
multiple_value_keys = set(['BF', 'OV', 'HP', 'BS', 'HC', 'DT', 'DR'])
# These keys can occur multiple times for one motif
reference_keys = set(['RX', 'RA', 'RT', 'RL'])
# These keys occur for references
def __init__(self):
self.references = []
def __getitem__(self,index):
# This can be removed if we remove the __getitem__ method from BaseMotif
return dict.__getitem__(self, index)
def __str__(self):
return format(self, "transfac")
class Record(object):
"""A Bio.Motif.TRANSFAC.Record stores the information in a TRANSFAC
matrix table.
o version: The version number, corresponding to the 'VV' field
in the TRANSFAC file;
o motifs: The list of motifs.
def __init__(self):
self.version = None
self.motifs = []
def __str__(self):
blocks = []
if self.version is not None:
block = """\
VV %s
""" % self.version
for motif in self.motifs:
block = str(motif)
text = "".join(blocks)
return text
def read(handle):
"""record = read(handle)"""
motif = None
status = None
record = Record()
for line in handle:
line = line.strip()
if line=='//':
if motif is not None:
motif = None
status = None
elif line=='XX':
key, value = line[:2], line[4:]
if key=='VV':
record.version = value
if motif is None:
motif = Motif()
if status=="freq":
i = int(key)
except ValueError:
status = None
assert i==motif.length
values = value.split()
for c, v in zip("ACGT", values):
if key=='P0':
assert status!="freq"
assert motif.counts is None
motif.counts = {}
assert value.split()[:4]==['A','C','G','T']
motif.length = 0
for c in "ACGT":
motif.counts[c] = []
status = "freq"
elif key=='RN':
index, accession = value.split(";")
assert index[0]=='['
assert index[-1]==']'
index = int(index[1:-1])
assert len(motif.references)==index-1
reference = {key: value}
elif key in Motif.reference_keys:
reference[key] = value
elif key in Motif.multiple_value_keys:
if not key in motif:
motif[key] = []
motif[key] = value
return record
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