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!Series_title = Profiling of the functionally distinct human bone marrow stromal cell lines HS-5 and HS-27a.
!Series_type = Cell Line Comparison
!Series_summary = Two human stromal cell lines, HS-5 and HS-27a, represent functionally distinct components of the bone marrow microenvironment.1,2 HS-27a supports cobblestone area formation by early hematopoietic progenitors, whereas HS-5 secretes multiple cytokines that support the proliferation of committed progenitors. These cell lines have been distributed to research groups worldwide for use as a tool to understand interactions between hematopoietic cells and their microenvironment. We have used DNA microarray technology to characterize and compare the expression of over 17 000 genes in these cell lines. Gene expression differences in cytokines/chemokines, G-protein signaling molecules, and multiple extracellular matrix proteins add to the known protein and functional characterization of the lines, leading to new insight into the differences in their support function for hematopoietic progenitors.
!Series_overall_design = We analyzed 2 arrays for HS-5 cell line and 2 arrays for HS-27a cell line
!Series_pubmed_id = 123456789
!Series_contributor = Jane,Doe
!Series_contributor = John,A,Smith
!Series_contributor = Hans,van Elton
!Series_contributor = John,Smithers Jr
!Series_contributor = Jie,D,Chen
!Series_sample_id = GSM10001
!Series_sample_id = GSM10002
!Series_sample_id = GSM10003
!Series_sample_id = GSM10004
!Series_variable_1 = cell line
!Series_variable_2 = cell line
!Series_variable_description_1 = HS-5
!Series_variable_description_2 = HS-27a
!Series_variable_sample_list_1 = GSM10001, GSM10002
!Series_variable_sample_list_2 = GSM10003, GSM10004