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RJR REBASE Enz 2540 - I-CreII-CreI
Homing endonuclease
NOTE: Homing endonucleases do not really have recognition sequences
in the way that restriction enzymes do. The recognition sequence
listed is one site that is known to be recognized and cleaved. In
general, single base changes merely change the efficiency of
cleavage and the precise boundary of required bases is not known.
Recognition Sequence:
C T G G G T T C A A A A C G T C G T G A^G A C A G T T T G G 0 G A C C C A A G T T T T G C A G^C A C T C T G T C A A A C C 0
REBASE enzyme #: 2540
Prototype: I-CreI
Source: J.-D. Rochaix
Microorganism: Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Growth Temperature: 26 °
Enzyme gene cloned.
Enzyme gene sequenced.
Crystal data present.
Comment: Insertion site CGT^CGT
Entered: Jan 1 1979 ... Modified: Sep 9 1999
# sites on
Adeno2: 0
Lambda: 0
pBR322: 0
PhiX174: 0
SV40: 0
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Dr. Richard J. Roberts
and Dana Macelis