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Use fasta file with >2 seqs when requesting a guide tree.

Otherwise, ClustalOmega will run happily but without
actually writing the guide tree file.
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cbrueffer authored and peterjc committed Nov 21, 2012
1 parent 73f0e51 commit 2028ddd2b0ca89f1dcbdf9f03b86e6460f10c0b8
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@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@
for input_file, output_file, newtree_file in [
("Registry/seqs.fasta", "temp with space.aln", None),
("Registry/seqs.fasta", "temp_test.aln", None),
- ("Registry/seqs.fasta", "temp_test.aln", "temp_test.dnd"),
- ("Registry/seqs.fasta", "temp_test.aln", "temp with space.dnd"),
+ ("Fasta/f002", "temp_test.aln", "temp_test.dnd"),
+ ("Fasta/f002", "temp_test.aln", "temp with space.dnd"),
(temp_filename_with_spaces, "temp_test.aln", None),
(temp_filename_with_spaces, "temp with space.aln", None),
(temp_large_fasta_file, "temp_cw_prot.aln", None),

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