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Clarify tutorial regarding missing GenomeDiagram.GDUtilities

Also added a TODO comment.

Documentation change only, [ci skip] for TravisCI
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@@ -14249,10 +14249,11 @@ \subsection{Converting old code}
If you run into difficulties, please ask on the Biopython mailing list for
-advice. One catch is that for Biopython 1.50, we have not yet included the
-old module \verb|GenomeDiagram.GDUtilities| yet. This included a number of
+advice. One catch is that we have not included the old module
+\verb|GenomeDiagram.GDUtilities| yet. This included a number of
GC\% related functions, which will probably be merged under
\verb|Bio.SeqUtils| later on.
+%TODO - Deal with GenomeDiagram.GDUtilities

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