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Update TogoWS search tests

Altered some of the searches to reduce the number of hits,
should make things a little bit faster.
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commit 285164deabde5584bf5e376d32219e43a0a96c0c 1 parent 8f49eff
@peterjc peterjc authored
Showing with 8 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +8 −7 Tests/
15 Tests/
@@ -416,12 +416,13 @@ def test_pubmed_search_togows(self):
def test_pubmed_search_bioruby(self):
"""Bio.TogoWS.search_iter("pubmed", "BioRuby") etc"""
- self.check("pubmed", "BioRuby", ["20739307", "20015970", "14693808"])
+ self.check("pubmed", "BioRuby", ["22994508", "22399473",
+ "20739307", "20015970", "14693808"])
def test_pubmed_search_porin(self):
"""Bio.TogoWS.search_iter("pubmed", "human porin") etc
- Count was 339 at time of writing, this was choosen to
+ Count was 357 at time of writing, this was choosen to
be larger than the default chunk size for iteration,
but still not too big to download the full list.
@@ -430,26 +431,26 @@ def test_pubmed_search_porin(self):
def test_pdb_search_porin(self):
"""Bio.TogoWS.search_iter("pdb", "porin") etc
- Count was about 130 at time of writing.
+ Count was about 161 at time of writing.
self.check("pdb", "porin", ["2j1n", "2vqg", "3m8b", "2k0l"])
def test_embl_search_porin(self):
"""Bio.TogoWS.search_iter("embl", "human pore", limit=200) etc
- Count was about 255 at time of writing.
+ Count was about 297 at time of writing.
self.check("embl", "human pore", limit=200)
def test_uniprot_search_lung_cancer(self):
- """Bio.TogoWS.search_iter("uniprot", "lung+cancer", limit=150) etc
+ """Bio.TogoWS.search_iter("uniprot", "terminal+lung+cancer", limit=150) etc
- Search count was 1327 at time of writing, a bit large to
+ Search count was 211 at time of writing, a bit large to
download all the results in a unit test. Want to use a limit
larger than the batch size (100) to ensure at least two
- self.check("uniprot", "lung+cancer", limit=150)
+ self.check("uniprot", "terminal+lung+cancer", limit=150)
def check(self, database, search_term, expected_matches=[], limit=None):
if expected_matches and limit:

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