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Add a PendingDeprecationWarning to the _read method in Bio.Motif._Mot…

…if. It looks like this method should have been removed when Bio.Motif.parse was added.
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1 parent 78fdd11 commit 4c9ba69ba54aee3e6c9ecf5a403d6004f54ac320 Michiel de Hoon committed Nov 23, 2012
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@@ -368,6 +368,8 @@ def _read(self,stream):
the self.alphabet variable must be set beforehand.
If the last line contains asterisks it is used for setting mask
+ import warnings
+ warnings.warn("This function is now obsolete, and will be deprecated and removed in a future release of Biopython. As a replacement, please use Bio.Motif.parse instead.", PendingDeprecationWarning)
while 1:
ln = stream.readline()

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