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README: documented optional dependencies matplotlib, networkx,

(pygraphviz | pydot)
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@@ -50,6 +50,18 @@ System Requirements
functionality, you will not need to install this package. You can install
it later if needed.
+- matplotlib, see (optional)
+ The Bio.Phylo uses this package to plot phylogenetic trees. As with
+ ReportLab, you can install this at any time to enable the plotting
+ functionality.
+- networkx, see (optional) and
+ pygraphviz or pydot, see and
+ (optional)
+ These packages are used for certain niche functions in Bio.Phylo.
+ Again, they are only needed to enable these functions and can be installed
+ later if needed.
- psycopg2, see (optional) or
PyGreSQL (pgdb), see (optional)
These packages are used by BioSQL to access a PostgreSQL database.

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