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Remove deprecated private function in SFF code

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1 parent 5e4a63c commit 567464d9a5f8b87ec48e95bae127b86463bd4da1 @peterjc peterjc committed Feb 2, 2013
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@@ -455,22 +455,6 @@ def _sff_find_roche_index(handle):
% (repr(magic_number), repr(data)))
-def _sff_read_roche_index_xml(handle):
- """Reads any existing Roche style XML manifest data in the SFF "index" (PRIVATE, DEPRECATED).
- Will use the handle seek/tell functions. Returns a string.
- This has been replaced by ReadRocheXmlManifest. We would normally just
- delete an old private function without warning, but I believe some people
- are using this so we'll handle this with a deprecation warning.
- """
- import warnings
- warnings.warn("Private function _sff_read_roche_index_xml is deprecated. "
- "Use new public function ReadRocheXmlManifest instead",
- DeprecationWarning)
- return ReadRocheXmlManifest(handle)
def ReadRocheXmlManifest(handle):
"""Reads any Roche style XML manifest data in the SFF "index".

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