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Deprecate the AlignAce wrapper, the software is not available anymore.

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1 parent 5974a91 commit 602f0cb2037e833e5648c4a23da88840291da913 @cbrueffer cbrueffer committed with peterjc Dec 27, 2012
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4 Bio/Motif/Applications/
@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@
from Bio.Application import AbstractCommandline, _Option, _Argument
+import warnings
+from Bio import BiopythonDeprecationWarning
+warnings.warn("The AlignACE/CompareACE application wrapper is deprecated and is likely to be removed in a future release of Biopython, since an up to date version of the AlignACE software cannot be obtained anymore. If you have a copy of AlignACE 4, please consider contacting the Biopython developers.", BiopythonDeprecationWarning)
class AlignAceCommandline(AbstractCommandline):
"""Create a commandline for the AlignAce program.
@@ -27,6 +27,11 @@ Bio.SeqFeature
With the introduction of the CompoundLocation in Release 1.62, the SeqFeature
attribute sub_features was deprecated.
+Bio.Motif.Applications.AlignAceCommandline and CompareAceCommandline
+Deprecated in release 1.61. An up to date version of the software cannot
+be obtained anymore.
Unused class InterlacedSequenceIterator was deprecated in Release 1.61.

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