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Declaring Bio.Enzyme obsolete in favor of Bio.ExPASy.Enzyme.

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commit 60fa8b737e1217d99b4ca4e5249d6996107def29 1 parent bfa16d0
mdehoon authored
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6 Bio/Enzyme/
@@ -5,9 +5,13 @@
This module provides code to work with the enzyme.dat file from
+Enzyme (OBSOLETE as of Biopython version 1.50).
+The functionality of Bio.Enzyme has moved to Bio.ExPASy.Enzyme;
+please use that module instead of Bio.Enzyme. Most likely, Bio.Enzyme
+will be deprecated in a future release of Biopython.
_Scanner Scans Enzyme data.
@@ -2,10 +2,11 @@ This file provides documentation for modules in Biopython that have been moved
or deprecated in favor of other modules. This provides some quick and easy
to find documentation about how to update your code to work again.
+Bio.Prosite and Bio.Enzyme
Declared obsolete in Release 1.50, will be deprecated in a subsequent release.
-Most of the functionality has moved to Bio.ExPASy.Prosite instead.
+Most of the functionality has moved to Bio.ExPASy.Prosite and Bio.Enzyme,
Bio.EZRetrieve, Bio.NetCatch, Bio.File.SGMLHandle, Bio.FilteredReader
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