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Step 4, document SVDSuperimposer change in DEPRECATED file

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1 parent 127f10d commit 6213b2a23d88406da073d886404ac0f2ecbeb398 @peterjc peterjc committed
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@@ -22,6 +22,22 @@ Python 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
Never officially supported, these trigger a warning in Release 1.62
recommending Python 3.3 or later if you wish to use Python 3.
+As of Release 1.63, the main class (confusingly also called) SVDSuperimposer
+is best imported as follows:
+>>> from Bio.SVDSuperimposer import SVDSuperimposer
+>>> super_imposer = SVDSuperimposer()
+This short form also works on older releases. The longer even more
+confusing historical alternatives dependent on the double module name
+no longer work, e.g. you can no longer do this:
+>>> from Bio.SVDSuperimposer.SVDSuperimposer import SVDSuperimposer
+>>> super_imposer = SVDSuperimposer()
This was removed in Release 1.62, when MMCIF2Dict was updated to use shlex

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