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Update of to make sure all files are included.

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commit 64e8037172555d75d7a91846a26346efedf22be2 1 parent 0b19b40
chapmanb authored
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -28,16 +28,19 @@ include Bio/KDTree/KDTree.cpp
include Bio/KDTree/KDTree.swig.cpp
include Bio/KDTree/README
-# Include Bio.Cluster. will only install it if Numeric
+# Include Bio.Cluster and Bio.Affy. will only install if Numeric
# python is installed.
recursive-include Bio/Cluster *.py
+recursive-include Bio/Affy *.py *.cc
exclude Tests/Graphics/*.pdf # Exclude test files generated by reportlab.
exclude Tests/Graphics/*.eps
exclude Tests/Blast/bt008* # Exclude large file.
recursive-exclude Tests/UnitTests * # Exclude unused testing framework.
+recursive-exclude * .cvsignore
recursive-include Martel * # Always distribute Martel
+exclude Martel/.cvsignore
# Make sure the proper files in EUtils are included.
include Bio/EUtils/DTDs/*.dtd # Include DTD files for EUtils
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