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Test strand specific chromosome diagrams labels with background color

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commit 6890296225457c1d40a6494059b0013dae6b046e 1 parent c8ec2fa
@peterjc peterjc authored
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@@ -307,6 +307,11 @@ def test_simple_tRNA(self):
#Draw these with black borders, and a brown fill:
cytobands.append((0, 1000000, 0, "First 1 Mbp",, colors.brown))
cytobands.append((length-1000000, length, 0, "Last 1 Mbp",, colors.brown))
+ #Additional dummy entry to check fill colour on both strands,
+ if name == "Chr III":
+ cytobands.append((11000000, 13000000, -1, "Reverse",, colors.yellow))
+ elif name == "Chr V":
+ cytobands.append((9500000, 11000000, +1, "Forward",, colors.yellow))
#Create the drawing object for the chromosome
cur_chromosome = BasicChromosome.Chromosome(name)
#Set the length, adding an extra 20 percent for the tolomeres etc:
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