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Deprecate Bio/

With improvements in PRNGs & CSPRNGs (e.g. random.SystemRandom, RdRand, etc.),
I doubt this code is very useful anymore.

There are also alternative modules, e.g.

I can't find /any/ references to this code elsewhere (Google, GitHub), and some
parts seem to be broken (e.g. main's undefined hex_convert() ).

Signed-off-by: Nick Semenkovich <>
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1 parent 35b859d commit 965dcf63304215211683666430f91a33f1c7a15b @semenko semenko committed with peterjc Sep 10, 2012
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@@ -7,7 +7,9 @@
import urllib
+from Bio import BiopythonDeprecationWarning
+import warnings
+warnings.warn("The HotRand module is deprecated and likely to be removed in a future release of Biopython. Please use an alternative RNG.", BiopythonDeprecationWarning)
def byte_concat( text ):
val = 0
@@ -12,6 +12,11 @@ Python 2.4
No longer supported as of Release 1.59, having triggered a warning since
Release 1.55, with advance notice in the release notes for Release 1.54.
+Obsolete file Bio/ was deprecated in Release 1.61, consider using
+an alternative RNG, or the Python module "randomdotorg".
Long obsolete file Bio/ was deprecated in Release 1.61.

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