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Try and add some more explanation to the new example script

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@@ -21,11 +21,20 @@
name = "Proux Fig 6"
+#As explained in the Biopython Tutorial, these are three phage genomes. The first
+#two are self-containged GenBank files, but the third phage is integrated into a
+#bacterial genome, thus we slice the full record and also take the reverse
+#complement to match the strand orientation of the other two phage:
A_rec ="NC_002703.gbk", "gb")
B_rec ="AF323668.gbk", "gb")
C_rec ="NC_003212.gbk", "gb")[2587879:2625807].reverse_complement(name=True)
records = dict((, rec) for rec in [A_rec, B_rec, C_rec])
+#Here we hard code the gene colors for simiplicity and to match the target image.
+#In practice you might have an automatic mapping based on the gene annotation
+#or some other classification:
A_colors = [red]*5 + [grey]*8 + [orange]*2 + [grey]*2 + [orange] + [grey]*10 + [green]*4 \
+ [grey] + [green]*2 + [grey, green] + [brown]*5 + [blue]*4 + [lightblue]*5 \
+ [grey, lightblue] + [purple]*2 + [grey]
@@ -34,6 +43,11 @@
C_colors = [grey]*30 + [green]*5 + [brown]*4 + [blue]*2 + [grey, blue] + [lightblue]*2 \
+ [grey]*5
+#Here we hard code a list of cross-links with percentage identity scores, based
+#on a manual inspection of the target image (there could be mistakes here).
+#In practice you might generate the list of cross-mappings from a BLAST report
+#or similar computational analysis:
#Tuc2009 (NC_002703) vs bIL285 (AF323668)
A_vs_B = [
(99, "Tuc2009_01", "int"),
@@ -98,13 +112,17 @@ def get_feature(features, id, tags=["locus_tag", "gene"]):
for i, record in enumerate([A_rec, B_rec, C_rec]):
max_len = max(max_len, len(record))
#Allocate tracks 5 (top), 3, 1 (bottom) for A, B, C
- #(empty tracks 2 and 4 add useful white space)
+ #(empty tracks 2 and 4 add useful white space to emphasise the cross links
+ #and also serve to make the tracks vertically more compressed)
gd_track_for_features = gd_diagram.new_track(5-2*i,,
start=0, end=len(record))
+ assert not in feature_sets
feature_sets[] = gd_track_for_features.new_set()
+#We add dummy features to the tracks for each cross-link BEFORE we add the
+#arrow features for the genes. This ensures the genes appear on top:
for X, Y, X_vs_Y in [("NC_002703", "AF323668", A_vs_B),
("AF323668", "NC_003212", B_vs_C)]:
features_X = records[X].features
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