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Add hmmer2-text tests for hmmpfam multiple queries and hmmsearch

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1 parent 1cdea7a commit 9d9bc22d91718023f0e11ae9896b8d15f065adcf @bow bow committed Dec 8, 2012
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  2. +489 −0 Tests/Hmmer/text_24_hmmpfam_001.out
  3. +260 −5 Tests/
@@ -40,5 +40,6 @@ text_21_hmmpfam_001.out single query, two matches, bioperl's hmmpfam.out fil
text_22_hmmpfam_001.out single query, one match, bioperl's L77119.hmmer file
text_23_hmmpfam_001.out single query, multiple matches, bioperl's hmmpfam_cs.out file
text_23_hmmpfam_002.out single query, no match
+text_24_hmmpfam_001.out multiple queries
text_20_hmmsearch_001.out single query, multiple matches, bioperl's hmmsearch.out file
text_22_hmmsearch_001.out single query, multiple matches, bioperl's cysprot1b.hmmsearch file
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