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Make sure Bio.Affy is included in the manifest (like the other numpy …

…requiring modules)
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1 parent 69ab3d6 commit a3c926fbfa2607aee1b99ae2fe5df5aaafa606ad @peterjc peterjc committed Nov 7, 2008
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@@ -23,9 +23,10 @@ recursive-include Doc/examples *.aln
recursive-include Doc/examples *.xpk
recursive-include Doc/images *.png
-# Include Bio.Cluster and Bio.KDTree. will only install if Numpy
-# is installed.
+# Include Bio.Cluster, Bio.Affy and Bio.KDTree
+# Note will only install these if Numpy is installed.
recursive-include Bio/Cluster *.py
+recursive-include Bio/Affy *.py
recursive-include Bio/KDTree *.py
exclude Tests/Graphics/*.pdf # Exclude test files generated by reportlab.

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