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@@ -5,10 +5,21 @@
# Patches by Mike Poidinger to support multiple databases.
# Updated by Peter Cock in 2007 to do a better job on BLAST 2.2.15
-This module provides code to work with the standalone version of
-BLAST, either blastall, rpsblast or blastpgp, provided by the NCBI.
+"""Code for calling standalone BLAST and parsing plain text output (OBSOLETE).
+Rather than parsing the human readable plain text BLAST output (which seems to
+change with every update to BLAST), we and the NBCI recommend you parse the
+XML output instead. The plain text parser in this module still works at the
+time of writing, but is considered obsolete and updating it to cope with the
+latest versions of BLAST is not a priority for us.
+This module also provides code to work with the "legacy" standalone version of
+NCBI BLAST, tools blastall, rpsblast and blastpgp via three helper functions of
+the same name. These functions are very limited for dealing with the output as
+files rather than handles, for which the wrappers in Bio.Blast.Applications are
+prefered. Furthermore, the NCBI themselves regard these command line tools as
+"legacy", and encourage using the new BLAST+ tools instead. Biopython has
+wrappers for these under Bio.Blast.Applications (see the tutorial).
LowQualityBlastError Except that indicates low quality query sequences.
@@ -22,12 +22,17 @@ This module (originally in C) offered complement and antiparallel functions
check_bases (also available as Bio.Restriction.Restriction.check_bases).
Deprecated in Release 1.53.
-Bio.Blast.NCBIStandalone.blastall, blastpgp and rpsblast
-These command line tools calling functions were declared obsolete in Release
+The three functions for calling the "legacy" NCBI BLAST command line tools
+blastall, blastpgp and rpsblast were declared obsolete in Biopython Release
1.53, please use the BLAST+ wrappers in Bio.Blast.Applications and the Python
subprocess module instead.
+The remainder of this module is a parser for the plain text BLAST output,
+which was delclared obsolete in Release 1.54. For some time now, both the NCBI
+and Biopython have encouraged people to parse the XML output instead.
NCBI "legacy" BLAST tool wrappers FastacmdCommandline, BlastallCommandline,

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