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Fix minor typo in exception

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peterjc committed Jun 19, 2013
1 parent 9dbb117 commit b5a7bddef98835af5b8c1b1328cc642f7246120c
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@@ -1152,8 +1152,8 @@ def _feed_first_line(self, consumer, line):
warnings.warn("Attempting to parse malformed locus line:\n%r\n"
- "found locus %r size %r residue_type %r\n"
- "Some field may be wrong." % (line, splitline[1],
+ "Found locus %r size %r residue_type %r\n"
+ "Some fields may be wrong." % (line, splitline[1],
splitline[2], splitline[4]), BiopythonParserWarning)
elif len(line.split()) == 7 and line.split()[3] in ["aa", "bp"]:
#Cope with EnsEMBL genbank files which use space separation rather

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