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Prank wrapper: added versions to option docs for -(show|no)(xml|tree)…

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Their wiki says the change occurred at version 120626:
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1 parent d9c78ca commit e931c2c42feec255ec14a73680db5e2ebbefe9ae @etal etal committed Aug 26, 2013
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10 Bio/Align/Applications/
@@ -82,13 +82,15 @@ def __init__(self, cmd="prank", **kwargs):
"7. Fitch 17. PAUP/NEXUS",
checker_function=lambda x: x in OUTPUT_FORMAT_VALUES),
_Switch(["-noxml", "noxml"],
- "Do not output XML files"),
+ "Do not output XML files "
+ "(PRANK versions earlier than v.120626)"),
_Switch(["-notree", "notree"],
- "Do not output dnd tree files"),
+ "Do not output dnd tree files "
+ "(PRANK versions earlier than v.120626)"),
_Switch(["-showxml", "showxml"],
- "Output XML files"),
+ "Output XML files (PRANK v.120626 and later)"),
_Switch(["-showtree", "showtree"],
- "Output dnd tree files"),
+ "Output dnd tree files (PRANK v.120626 and later)"),
_Switch(["-shortnames", "shortnames"],
"Truncate names at first space"),
_Switch(["-quiet", "quiet"],

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