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Biopython README file

The Biopython Project ( is an international
association of developers of freely available Python tools for
computational molecular biology. provides an online resource for modules, scripts, and
web links for developers of Python-based software for life science
research.  Thanks to bioperl, we can also provide web, FTP and CVS
space for individuals and organizations wishing to distribute or
otherwise make available standalone scripts & code.


Biopython is made available under generous terms.  Please see the
LICENSE file for further details.

System Requirements

o Python 1.52 or above


Hmmm...  No code yet.

Bug Reports

Ditto the "no code" comment.

Distribution Structure

Bio/          The python package that makes up biopython
Doc/          Documentation
LICENSE       License information for this package
NEWS          Release notes and news
README        This file
Scripts/      Miscellaneous, possibly useful, standalone scripts
Tests/        Regression testing code


Biopython is run by volunteers from all over the world, with many
types of backgrounds. We are always looking for people interested in
helping with code development, web-site management, technical
administration, and whatever else comes up.

If you wish to contribute, please visit the web site and join our
mailing list.
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