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A lot of people have contributed to what is now bioruby. First of all, Toshiaki Katayama has lead the way. In addition, many have contributed to the codebase. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Adam Kraut (for Bio::MEME)
  • Alex Gutteridge (for Bio::PDB)
  • Anthony Underwood (for Bio::SangerChromatogram)
  • Christian Zmasek (for Bio::Nexus)
  • Daniel Amelang (for Bio::Tree, Bio::Newick)
  • Diana Jaunzeikare (for Bio::PhyloXML)
  • Hiroshi Suga (for Bio::HMMER)
  • Itoshi Nikaido (for Bio::SiRNA, sample/tdiary.rb)
  • Jan Aerts (for Bio::Fastcmd, Bio::PubMed, Bio::Blast, Bio::EMBOSS, Bio::Location, Bio::Map, Bio::Feature, Bio::Sequence)
  • Jeffrey Blakeslee (for Bio::Muscle, Bio::Probcons, Bio::Tcoffee)
  • John Conery (for Bio::Muscle, Bio::Probcons, Bio::Tcoffee)
  • John Prince (for tests for Bio::FastaDefline)
  • Kazuhiro Hayashi (for tests)
  • Masashi Fujita (for Bio::HMMER)
  • Masumi Itoh (for Bio::KEGG::ORTHOLOGY)
  • Michael Barton (for Bio::PAML::Codeml)
  • Mitsuteru Nakao (for Tests, Bio::Ensembl, Bio::GO, Bio::UniProt, Bio::EMBL, Bio::AAindex, Bio::TMHMM, Bio::TargetP, Bio::SOSUI, Bio::PTS1, Bio::PSORT, Bio::Genscan, Bio::Blast, Bio::DBGET, Bio::KEGG, Bio::Iprscan)
  • Moses Hohman (for Tests)
  • Naohisa Goto (many)
  • Natsuhiro Ichinose (for lib/bio/shell/plugin/midi.rb)
  • Nobuya Tanaka (for Bio::Shell)
  • Pjotr Prins (for Bio::PAML::Codeml, tutorial, samples)
  • Raoul Bonnal (for BioGem aka Plugin system, Bio::SQL)
  • Ryan Raaum (for Bio::Sequence, Bio::Reference)
  • Shuichi Kawashima (for Bio::AAindex, Bio::KEGG::EXPRSSION, Bio::TRANSFAC, Bio::DAS, Bio::Pathway)
  • Shuji Shigenobu (for Bio::Blast::Fastacmd)
  • Takeya Kasukawa (for sample/tdiary.rb)
  • Tomoaki Nishiyama (for Bio::Blast::Bl2seq::Report, tests for Bio::GFF)
  • Toshiaki Katayama (many)
  • Trevor Wennblom (for Bio::RestrictionEnzyme, Bio::REBASE, Bio::ColorScheme, Bio::Lasergene, Bio::ContingencyTable)
  • Yoshinori Okuji (for Bio::Sequence, samples)

And of course there are the many contributions that have been done through the mailing list.

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