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  • Christian Zmasek (currently developing a tutorial for phylogenetic and related methods, development version is here)
  • okeefm

Please add your name above if you would like to contribute to BioRuby documentation. Anyone is welcome, even if you don't have much experience with BioRuby or Ruby in general.


  • Port the current GitHub tutorial over to the Wiki (in progress by okeefm, done through "OBDA")
    • Once this is done, the wiki will be the primary source for the tutorial between major releases. Before a major release, the tutorial will be ported to the rdoc format and checked for functionality.
  • Port "BioRuby in Anger"
  • Maintain the HOWTOs (note; many of the HOWTOs are currently empty links; these should either be combined with Sample Codes or fleshed out).
  • Maintain the SampleCodes
  • Maintain and update (for BioRuby 1.4) the BioRubyOnRails page
  • Maintain and update BioRuby tests as needed
  • Consider combining at the very least HOWTOs and SampleCodes under Tutorial?


  • from Ngoto: The tutorial's official version should be the version included with the git repository. All other resources (samples, howto, etc) should use the wiki version as their official version.
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