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The Biostar Engine

Software for Better Science.

The Biostar Engine is a Python and Django web application for supporting scientific data analysis.

See the site in operation:

What does the software do?

The Biostar Engine can execute scripts, it can capture and show you the results of running the script.

The scripts may be written in bash, may be a Makefile, may be R commands, just about any code that could be executed from command line. We call the scripts that the engine can execute recipes. In summary the Biostar Engine is able to:

  1. Generate a graphical user interface for a script.
  2. Manage the input data needed for the script.
  3. Execute a command line script
  4. Manage the resulting files generated by the script

How does the software work?

In a nutshell, a recipe is created via an interface specification file (json) and a script template (written in bash, R etc).

The site generates the web interface from the interface specification file. Users can make selections in the web interface, these selections are then passed down into the script template.

What is the purpose of the software?

The Biostar Engine was designed for processing large projects composed of tens/hundreds/thousands of files. The eninge is able to represent data in a generalized way. For example, all files of a sequencing run may be represented by just one single data entry.

More details on how the site works:


The Biostar Engine software requires Python 3.7