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This repository houses analyses that can be deployed on BiotaPhy compute resources for access to high throughput computing
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BiotaPhy analyses

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The BiotaPhy Analyses repository is an open source project, initially, containing tools generated as part of the BiotaPhy project for computing bio and phylo diversity for Presence Absence Matrices and Phylogenetic trees. BiotaPhy is a collaboration between iDigBio at The University of Florida, Lifemapper at The University of Kansas, and The Open Tree of Life at The University of Michigan originally supported by NSF BIO Award #1458422. For project documentation, visit our GitHub pages site.

iDigBio Lifemapper Open Tree of Life


Installation help can be found at

Getting help

A this time, the easiest way to get help is to file a bug report.


Did you find a bug? Do you have an idea for an analysis? Do you want to write some documentation? Head over to our contributing page for more information about how you can help out.


The BiotaPhy analyses repository is released under the GPL 3.0 License.

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