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***Biotrack Pack***

Georgia Tech - Multi Agent Robotics and Systems Lab (
"This is the first iteration of a modular software suite for tracking and analyzing multiple agents. Licensed under GPL it is free for non-commercial use and development. This open-source project makes use of the OpenCV, PointCloud Library, and QT libraries."

To learn how to use this software effectively visit the wiki at:

29/9/2012 v1.21
Larger update: Killed many big bugs in using RANSAC. This should fix a lot of tracking errors in terms of not picking up tracks correctly, or attempts to jump onto a track sideways.
Killed iteration problems that should also speed up the processing quite a few times!

10/9/2012 v1.2
Minor Update 1.2: fixed some tiny bugs, and re-adjusted the programs to make use of alpha channels.
*Important: if you created models with ModelMaker 1.1 or below, you will need to re-create new models since they store information in the Alpha channel.

15/8/2012 v1.1
First primary release. Everything Fully functional


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