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The BioTrack Pack is Georgia Tech's growing collection of free, open-source, simple software tools for automating behavioral analysis workflows.

Currently we support Ubuntu 12.04 environments. Ubuntu is selected since it is freely available, and easily installed in parallel with Mac or Windows. In the future we hope to also have experimental support for software directly in Mac or Windows environments. tracking screenshot


There are three methods of obtaining and running our software:

  • Downloading the Binaries Download and run our latest official releases quickly here

  • Compile from Source Code Power users may want to view our source code and compile it themselves

  • System Image If you are planning on installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu anyway, we provide an image of the Operating System with our software pre-installed, and the developing environment already setup.



Get really good tracks of multiple agents undergoing rigid 2D translations and rotations


Create a clean background for subtraction


Create annotated video files from processed tracking data

Model Maker

Create model files for MultiTracking

Getting Ubuntu

We support our programs running on Ubuntu 12.04. This is a freely available operating system that you can quickly install to any computer. You can either install Ubuntu on its own as a Dual-Boot which will give you the maximum performance of your software, or you can virtually install Ubuntu inside either Windows or Mac via a free program called VirtualBox.

Install Ubuntu Dual-Boot

Install Ubuntu as a Dual-Boot with Windows

Install Ubuntu Inside Mac or Win using Virtualbox



BTF Tracking Format

BTF is a simple flat file format for recording tracking information which all of the programs and utilities in the BioTrack Pack use. For more information, see this page.


If you would like to know more about the project or our lab, please visit

This has been an ongoing project encompassing the contributions of several generations of students. The latest contributors to its development are

  • Andrew Quitmeyer (Lead Development)
  • Brian Hrolenok
  • Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi
  • Stephen Motter

MultiTrack is based on ICP tracking research and Programming by

  • Adam Feldman and
  • Matt Flagg

These projects are primarily overseen by professors

  • Tucker Balch
  • Jim Rehg

with development/testing aide from Stephen Pratt's Lab at ASU

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