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Full functional one Arduino ino file for beginners.
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One Arduino ino file for beginners. Full functional software for freePEMF device. See: or for Polish:

Support frequency up to 16kHz (0.01-60.99Hz standard, 61Hz-16kHz experimental)

Related document: bioZAP 2018-10-21 EN.pdf or a litle out of date for Polish: bioZAP 2018-04-09.pdf :(

To compile code and upload using Arduino IDE:

  1. Download freePEMF.ino file and put it into freePEMF folder (it must has exactly that name).
  2. Open freePEMF.ino file in Arduino IDE.
  3. Check if you have EEPROM and Wire libraries already installed (Sketch->Include Library-> see on list: EEPROM and Wire).
  4. Install LiquidCrystal_I2C (Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries..., Filter your search: LiquidCrystal_I2C, Find ... by Frank de Brabander, Choose version 1.1.2 and Install)
  5. Configure board: Tools->Board->Arduino Nano and Tools->Processor->ATmega328P (Old Bootloader).
  6. Install Arduino Nano driver - website: CH341SER.ZIP.
  7. Configure serial port. Plug USB cable to PC and freePEMF or Adruino Nano board. Then Tools->Port->select proper COM port.
  8. Uncomment proper directives e.g. #define FREEPEMF_DUO. For standard freePEMF default commented options are good.
  9. Compile and upload. Sketch->Upload. Wait until on down side of Arduino IDE window see Done uploading.

TODO in freePEMF user manual

  1. support for bluetooth interface and communication with PC & mobile phones
  2. freePREMF duo functions description in bioZAP doc.
  3. pbar in bioZAP doc.


  • hrm
  • chrm
  • jump ... min max
  • njump ... min max
  • jump3
  • auto-calculation of pbar


  • during loading a therapy add voice signal after committing each part of script
  • support for bluetooth interface
  • out mode: B M A - means: Both, Main or Auxiliary coil
  • automatic change out to M mode above 61Hz
  • disp 0 1 - use or do not use display (freePEMF duo only) 1=use 0=don't use
  • pbar <left_time_sec> < |percent> Setup program progress bar on LCD screen. Percent is optional. No percent means 100%
  • pbar - manual refresh LCD if display is off
  • print
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