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Simple Multiplayer Rhythm Game designed during the Global Game Jam'13.
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<3, Drugs and RockNRoll - for iPhone

"<3, Drugs and RockNRoll" is a multiplayer rhythm game for iPhone that was designed in 48 hours during Global Game Jam'13.


"<3, Drugs and RockNRoll" is a multiplayer rhythm game in which you have to tap on items coming from the top of the screen. When you have on a line several items, you can choose one of these items. There are different kinds of items : normal and special items. Special items influence your heartbeat (which is also the bpm of the currently playing music). If your heartbeat goes outside the 50-220 boundaries, you will die. In multiplayer mode, you have a combo bar at the top of the screen. When your combo bar is full (you have not missed any item out of the last ten items) the next special item you missed will be applied to your opponent.




The source code of this game is available under the terms of the MIT license. All artwork, images, music and sound effects are available under the terms of the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. See LICENSE file.


We were identified as 'Wienerschnitzel Heroes' during the Jam. We are:

  • Graphism: Hellgy
  • Music and SFX: NicoGramo and NikkoMetz
  • Code: Arthy, Biou, Noliv



Many thanks to the organization team of the global game jam, more particularly to Thomas 'MrHelmut' Altenburger.

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