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Genyris README
Refer to the file "LICENSE"
Refer to the installation instructions in doc/reference/manual.pdf. Otherwise read on:
You need Java 1.6 JRE to run the Genyris interpreter. Check with your JRE
version with:
$ java -version
Set your GENYRIS_HOME environment variable to the root folder where you unpacked
the release. Add $GENYRIS_HOME/bin to your path.
Make the file $GENYRIS_HOME/bin/genyris executable.
Start the command-line interpreter with Java:
$ genyris
You will see a welcome message followed by a prompt:
*** Welcome birchb, Genyris version is listening...
Commands can now be typed, use two carriage returns
to terminate each statement.
To test the installation run the self test suite with the following command:
> sys:self-test
All being well, it will print ``OK'' and the number of tests passed.
Examples of Genyris code are in the examples
folder and can be loaded as follows:
> include "examples/queens.g"
And run:
> run-queens 8