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Releases: bird-house/finch


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Bug fix release.

  • Avoid using a broken version of libarchive in the Docker image.


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  • Fix use of output_name, add output_format to xclim indicators.

  • Change all outputs to use output as the main output field name (instead of output_netcdf).

  • Updated to xclim 0.37:

    • Percentile inputs of xclim indicators have been renamed with generic names, excluding an explicit mention to the target percentile.
    • In ensemble processes, these percentiles can now be chosen through perc_[var] inputs. The default values are inherited from earlier versions of xclim.
  • Average shape process downgraded to be single-threaded, as ESMF seems to have issues with multithreading.

  • Removed deprecated processes subset_ensemble_bbox_BCCAQv2, subset_ensemble_BCCAQv2 and BCCAQv2_heat_wave_frequency_gridpoint.

  • Added csv_precision to all processes allowing CSV output. When given, it controls the number of decimal places in the output.


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This is a patch release to add awaited functionality and avoid some performance issues with the latest dask version.

  • Add geoseries_to_netcdf process, converting a geojson (like a OGC-API request) to a CF-compliant netCDF.
  • Add output_name argument to most processes (excepted subsetting and averaging processes), to control the name (or prefix) of the output file.
  • New dependency python-slugify to ensure filenames are safe and valid.
  • Pinning dask to <=2022.1.0 to avoid a performance issue with 2022.1.1.


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What's Changed

  • Updated changelog by @matprov in #214
  • Add hourly_to_daily process by @huard in #215
  • Avoid annoying warnings by updating birdy (environment-docs) by @huard in #216
  • Upgrade to clisops 0.8.0 to accelerate spatial averages over regions.
  • Upgrade to xesmf 0.6.2 to fix spatial averaging bug not weighing correctly cells with varing areas.
  • Update to PyWPS 4.5.1 to allow the creation of recursive directories for outputs.

Full Changelog: v0.7.7...v0.8.0


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What's Changed

  • Revert "added SENTRY_ENV environment variable" by @matprov in #213

Full Changelog: v0.7.6...v0.7.7


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  • Update to xclim 0.31
  • Added SENTRY_ENV configuration
  • Possibility to pass multiple "rcp" inputs for ensemble processes.
  • Writing to netcdf is done only after calling load() to avoid locks occurring within dask calls to to_netcdf in multi-processing mode.
  • Add an average parameter to ensemble processes. When true, a spatial average is returned.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.7.5...v0.7.6


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  • Update to xclim 0.27
  • Added empirical_quantile_mapping process calling xclim.sdba.EmpiricalQuantileMapping.
  • Update to PyWPS 4.4.5, fixing the xml vulnerability.


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  • Update to xclim 0.26.
  • Default metadata attributes are given through configuration, instead of being hardcoded.
  • Inclusion of a list of input dataset urls in ensemble processes.
  • Correct ensemble statistics on day-of-year indicators.


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  • Workaround for clisops shutting down logging
  • More flexible chunking
  • New subsetting & averaging notebook
  • Require xESMF>=0.5.3


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Changes: (Bug fix fix release)

  • Add data_validation and cf_compliance arguments for xclim ensemble processes.