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Open Contracting - Spike for datamerge
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Welcome to the Open Contracting Data Spike

The report with visualizations can be seen here:


At the top level, the presentation is available

  • /draft-standard - contains the created initial standards as a working document for discussion
  • /maps - contains the mapping between the draft standard and the data sources that were used
  • /merge-spike - step one of doing a full data merge with the generated maps (currently only does one field)
  • /raw-data - the raw data used and the web scraping code where it was needed
  • /utils - random snippets of python used to work with the data
  • /visualization - using D3.js to make maps of the standards


The code is mostly python, with the D3 work in javascript. This was a spike, the code is not future or bullet proof! It is only really here for institutional memory if this works goes onto a more broad phase.

If you do want to use bits though, you will need:

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