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MisterBean application

Congratulations! You have found the most useless application in the world...

What does MisterBean do?

MisterBean may throw a random exception when a method annotated with @MisterBean is executed. The list of possible exceptions that may be thrown must be defined by the user in the

How does it work?

MisterBean uses Spring AOP to capture the execution of a @MisterBean method and uses reflection to instantiate the desired exception and then it just throws it.

How do I use it?

Just follow the next steps:

  1. Clone the repo.

  2. Install the application in your local Maven repository executing mvn clean install. Be careful. Random exceptions may be thrown while compiling. Noooo, just joking.

  3. Add the dependency to your Spring Boot project:

  4. Enable it in your application. To do so, just include @EnableMisterBean annotation in a Spring configuration class. For example, it can be set on the Main application class:

    public class MisterBeanTesterApplication {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
  , args);
  5. Annotate with @MisterBean the methods you want to test. A probability factor may be set by using the probabilityFactor attribute. A probability factor of X will result in a 1/X probability of throwing the exception. If probability factor is not set default probability factor will be used. Note that the default probability factor has to be a positive value. You may try to configure a negative or zero value and see what happens :)

  6. Configure, in the, the exceptions that may be thrown, the message that should be used to create them and the default probability factor:

    misterBean.exceptionMessage=Powered by the useless Mister Bean application
  7. Launch your application and see what happens.


  • Ability to override the exception list in the annotation @MisterBean itself.
  • Make it useful?


A very useless random exception thrower



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