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A simple PoC of using metrics with Spring Boot and Micrometer

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Spring Micrometer Metrics PoC

This project is a Proof of Concept of how to use Micrometer facade with Spring Boot 2.

The metrics we use are very simple. It's just a PoC.

The application is formed by this set of components:

  • MicrometerMetricsPoc: This application. It exposes an endpoint at http://localhost:8080 and every time this endpoint is hit it will register a new metric.
  • InfluxDB: The database used to store the metrics.
  • Grafana: The monitoring tool used to analyze and view the metrics.


  • Java and Maven: In order to compile and run the application.
  • docker-compose: In order to run InfluxDB and Grafana.

How to run

Grafana needs full permissions on the mapped volume so:

$ cd docker-local
$ sudo chmod -R 777 grafana-data

Start the services. From docker-local directory:

$ docker-compose up

Now you can check that InfluxDB is alive:

curl -I "http://localhost:8086/ping"

And so is Grafana:

curl -I "http://localhost:3000"

Build the application and run it:

$ mvn clean install
$ mvn spring-boot:run

Go to Grafana at http://localhost:3000, login with admin/admin. You may be asked to change the password. Once you get in go to the App dashboard.

If you hit http://localhost:8080 several times you will see how the dashboard is updated.

Dashboard image


A simple PoC of using metrics with Spring Boot and Micrometer






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