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LIS plugin for WordPress


This plugin creates a search interface for the Virtual Health Library LIS (Health Information Locator) information source.


Wordpress 3.x


  1. Download the LIS plugin for Wordpress;
  2. Unzip the plugin below the wp-content/plugins folder of your Wordpress instance and rename it to lis;
  3. Activate the LIS plugin through the administration panel of WordPress (dashboard).

For further information on installing plugins please see the Manual Plugin Installation from Wordpress codex site.


Go to Settings in the administration panel (dashboard) and click on the newly created LIS item.

  • Service URL is mandatory and is set to by default. It specifies the webservice of FI-ADMIN system;
  • Plugin page is mandatory and is set to lis by default. It defines the URL of the search interface page;
  • Filter query is optional and defines the strategy (a term or expression) to act as a filter for record displaying. For further information on how to fill in this field, please access: How to create a Filter Query on LIS
  • Search form is optional and defines a flag to control the display of the search box in the LIS homepage;
  • Disqus shortname is optional. If used, it requires a code for the integration with the associated comments service Disqus. Notice this requires previous registration within the comments service;
  • AddThis profile ID is optional and is provided to allow the integration with sharing tools services AddThis. Notice this requires previous registration within the sharing tools service;
  • Google Analytics code is optional and allows the integration of website analytics services provided by Google. Notice this requires previous registration in Google.

Translations of this document

Español: Instalación del Plugin LIS para Wordpress

Português: Plugin LIS para Wordpress


LIS (Health Information Locator) WordPress plugin




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