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Added jshint config

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commit 789f11b467ffc6ebef1aad002117dd7f24666064 1 parent 209033e
@biril authored
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15 .jshintrc
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+ "curly":true, // Always require curly braces around blocks in loops and conditionals
+ "eqeqeq":true, // Prohibit the use of == and != in favor of === and !==.
+ "forin":true, // Requires all for in loops to filter object's items using hasOwnProperty
+ "immed":true, // Prohibit the use of immediate function invocations without wrapping them in parentheses
+ "latedef":true, // Prohibit the use of variables before they're defined
+ "newcap":true, // Require capitalized constructor function names
+ "undef":true, // Prohibit the use of variables that have not been declared
+ "strict":true, // Requires all functions to begin with EcmaScript 5's "use strict" directive. (prohibits global)
+ "trailing":true, // No trailing whitespace
+ "onevar":true, // Allows only one var statement per function
+ "smarttabs":true, // Suppresses warnings about mixed tabs and spaces when the latter are used for alignmnent only
+ "noarg":true, // Prohibits the use of arguments.caller and arguments.callee
+ "expr":true // Suppresses warnings about the use of expressions in place of assignments or function calls.

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