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A small OctoPrint plugin to change the looks of OctoPrint! Currently features a beautiful Dark Theme inspired by Discord's color palette, along with a handful of others thanks to the awesome contributors.

Also features customization of individual elements. With the advanced-customization scheme you can modify the appearance to your heart's desire directly from the settings-dialog!


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager by searching for "Themify", or manually enter this URL:

If you don't see the styled header bar, go into Settings -> Appeareance and set Color to "default" and uncheck "Transparent Color".


Contributions are always welcome, especially new themes!

The Javascript and Less are compiled and bundled with webpack. The reason for this is to be able to use new JS features and have one place to build both the less and JS.

Getting started

Get NodeJS:

Clone the repo:

git clone
cd OctoPrint-Themeify

Use npm install or install yarn

yarn install && yarn build

Install the plugin into your octoprint instance:

octoprint dev plugin:install

Start hacking!

If you edit the javascript, I advise to use

yarn watch

so that you do not need to build for every change.

If you have setup stylesheet: less in your config.yaml you can edit the less-files and reload the page without re-building for each change.


Build javascript and css:

yarn build