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Georg Brandl


@sphinx-doc @mlz-ictrl

Public contributions

Contributions in the last year 1,267 total May 3, 2015 – May 3, 2016
Longest streak 24 days August 10 – September 2
Current streak 13 days April 21 – May 3

Contribution activity

13 commits

34 Pull Requests

  1. Open #33382 rustdoc: add "src" links to individual impls rust-lang/rust
  2. Open #33377 rustdoc: display field types together with names in detailed docs rust-lang/rust
  3. Open #33373 rustdoc: use btree map for where clauses rust-lang/rust
  4. Open #33372 rustdoc: HTML-escape Rust code (from constants) rust-lang/rust
  5. Open #33371 rustdoc: fix inserting source code spans for constant values rust-lang/rust
  6. Open #33367 infer: remove distinction for "simple type errors" rust-lang/rust
  7. Open #33365 Makefile: there is only one tidy target now rust-lang/rust
  8. Merged #209 It's a regular TWIR again... cmr/this-week-in-rust
  9. Open #33351 syntax/hir: give loop labels a span rust-lang/rust
  10. Closed #33347 borrowck: clearer error message for mutability violation rust-lang/rust
  11. Open #33345 middle: reset loop labels while visiting closure rust-lang/rust
  12. Open #33343 parser: change warning into an error on `T<A=B, C>` rust-lang/rust
  13. Open #33342 typeck: if a private field exists, also check for a public method rust-lang/rust
  14. Open #33340 resolve: print location of static for "static in pattern" error rust-lang/rust
  15. Open #33338 typeck: limit number of candidates shown for a single error rust-lang/rust
  16. Open #33337 typeck: show a note about tuple indexing for erroneous tup[i] rust-lang/rust
  17. Open #33336 parser: do not try to continue with `unsafe` on foreign fns rust-lang/rust
  18. Merged #33334 lexer: do not display char confusingly in error message rust-lang/rust
  19. Open #33333 parser: show a helpful note on unexpected inner comment rust-lang/rust
  20. Merged #33330 typeck: when suggesting associated fns, do not show call site as fallback rust-lang/rust
  21. Open #33326 std::thread docs: spawn() does not return a Thread anymore rust-lang/rust
  22. Merged #33325 typeck: remove confusing suggestion for calling a fn type rust-lang/rust
  23. Merged #33324 E0269: add suggestion to check for trailing semicolons rust-lang/rust
  24. Merged #33323 match check: note "catchall" patterns in unreachable error rust-lang/rust
  25. Merged #33320 diagnostics for E0432: imports are relative to crate root rust-lang/rust
  26. Open #33319 borrowck: do not suggest to change "&mut self" to "&mut mut self" rust-lang/rust
  27. Open #33313 dep_graph: avoid panicking in thread when channel closed rust-lang/rust
  28. Open #33311 parser: fix suppression of syntax errors in range RHS rust-lang/rust
  29. Merged #33309 Make libsyntax::print::pp more idiomatic rust-lang/rust
  30. Merged #33289 Implement find() on Chain iterators rust-lang/rust
  31. Open #33277 Fix std::fmt format spec: named args are allowed with "$" syntax rust-lang/rust
  32. Merged #202 Fix MIR output: add mappings for Pygments styles rust-lang/rust-playpen
  33. Merged #33258 Clarify std::fmt width docs w.r.t. dollar syntax and give example. rust-lang/rust
  34. Merged #200 Add a Pygments lexer for MIR output, and fix HTML escaping. rust-lang/rust-playpen

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