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🎄 Advent of Code 2018 🎄

These are Rust-language solutions for the coding-challenge advent calendar. You'll need stable Rust 1.31 and Cargo to run.

I've tried to make the solutions small and somewhat optimized for speed (so far, no solution takes more than about a second on an up-to-date machine). Inputs are included in text file form and parsed.

External code used

A custom helper library is used, called advtools. It provides utilities for easily parsing the input files, which I don't want to rewrite each year, and access to often used external crates like itertools and rayon.

For tasks that require nontrivial datastructures or algorithms, I try to find and use a third-party crate to show off the ease of using Rust's crates infrastructures, e.g. petgraph.


All code is contained in a single Cargo project, with a different binary target for each day. Solutions are printed to stdout.

A simple Makefile is also provided in order to run all days. Just run make.

Benchmarks are now provided by, use

cargo bench --bench days [filter]

to run them.