Run any Windows application as a Service. Drop-in compatible replacement for "srvany.exe" from the W2K3 Resource Kit.
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#srvany-ng: Run any Windows application as a Service A drop in, compatible, replacement for the useful "srvany.exe", found in the Windows Server Resource Kit.
Written in C, for Windows XP and newer.

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Differences to the original

  • Open Source
  • 32 and 64 bit binary available
  • No OS/2 application support
  • Service will stop if the launched application exits


Solution is known to build with Visual Studio 2013, no additional dependencies are needed. The project uses the "v120_xp" toolset to ensure XP / 2003 support, and links to the MSVCRT statically.


Place srvany-ng in an accessible folder on your system. Install it as a service from an Elevated (Administrator) Command Prompt:

sc create "MyServiceName" start= auto binPath = "C:\Path\To\srvany-ng.exe"
sc description MyServiceName "My services description"

Note the spaces between start=, binPath= and their parameters. This is intended.

Now, open the Registry editor (regedit.exe), and browse to:


Create a new Key named "Parameters". In the parameters key, create a new String value named "Application". The value should be the file path to the application you wish to run as a service.

####Optional Parameters "AppDirectory" | String value | The starting directory for your application. Usually the same as the folder its executable is in.
"AppParameters" | String value | Command line arguments to pass to your application on startup.
"AppEnvironment" | Multi-String value | Environment variables to set for your application.

##Further Reading Microsoft support article describing the use of the original srvany.exe: