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Open Source GraphQL CMS

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Prime is a standalone, self-hosted, headless CMS with a GraphQL interface powered by TypeScript.

Why Prime?

There are a lot of headless SaaS solutions out there, and many of them better than Prime, but sometimes there is a need to host the CMS locally and while most open source projects work well for that, they are missing key features.

Please don’t forget to star this repo if you found it useful


  • 🖨 Headless GraphQL Interface
  • 🚀 Simple to use, yet powerful
  • 📐 Slices and Groups fields
  • ☑️ Create your own custom fields
  • 🇮🇸 🇯🇵 Multiple languages
  • 🚧 Preview drafts and releases without publishing
  • 🔑 Resource and user access control
  • 📆 Plan and schedule releases
  • ... and many more

See the feature comparison to Prismic, Contentful and Strapi.


Integration examples with previews.



List of documents Edit document Edit schema
Content Management Content Editing Schema Modeling
Multiple locales Set Preview URLs Create Releases
Multiple locales Set Preview URLs Create Releases
GraphQL Queries GraphQL Mutations
GraphQL Queries GraphQL Mutations

More screenshots available here

Getting Started

📖 Read Docs

🚧 Prime is currently in beta 🚧

To get a sandbox to play with, just hit the Deploy button:


Video Tutorials

Installing video tutorial Adding Cloudinary
Installing on Heroku Adding Cloudinary


This project would not have been made possible without support from the community.

Special thanks to the following projects (sorted alphabetically):