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Currently packages are built only for the latest supported releases. The packages can be installed using dnf:

dnf -y copr enable bisdn/rofl
dnf -y copr enable bisdn/baseboxd
dnf -y install baseboxd

Copr repos are provided at The "-testing" repos contain the latest builds for testing purposes and might not be as stable as the release versions.

Other distros

Currently only installation from source is supported. To build baseboxd you need the following dependencies installed:

Build system


Then you can install baseboxd:

git clone --recursive
cd basebox
meson build
ninja -C build


Running baseboxd as a service inside of a Docker container is currently under heavy development, but will probably be fully supported in the future. At the moment there are three builds available that you can directly pull from

  • bisdn/baseboxd: contains the latest baseboxd package and its dependencies from our stable repositories.
  • bisdn/baseboxd-testing: contains the latest baseboxd package and its dependencies from our testing repositories.
  • bisdn/baseboxd-source: contains baseboxd and its dependencies build from source from the master branch of this repository.

To get the containers you can simply pull them with:

docker pull bisdn/baseboxd
docker pull bisdn/baseboxd-testing
docker pull bisdn/baseboxd-source

Since baseboxd needs to create kernel network interfaces, the container needs to run in privilged mode. To allow the direct orchestration of baseboxd via netlink events from the host itself, the container additionally needs to run within the host network namespace. All configuration parameters for baseboxd can be handed over to baseboxd via environment variables while starting the container.

To run the current stable version of baseboxd on port 6654 with verbose logging and log output to stderr you can start it with:

docker run -d --privileged --network=host -e FLAGS_port="6654" -e GLOG_logtostderr="1" -e GLOG_v="2" bisdn/baseboxd


bridge setup

ip link add type bridge
ip link set bridge0 type bridge vlan_filtering 1
ip link set bridge0 up

adding ports to a bridge

ip link set port1 master bridge0
ip link set port2 master bridge0

remove ports from a bridge

ip link set port1 nomaster
ip link set port2 nomaster

adding vlans to bridge port

bridge vlan add vid 2 dev port1
bridge vlan add vid 2-4 dev port2

remove vlans from bridge port

bridge vlan del vid 2 dev port1
bridge vlan del vid 2-4 dev port2

adding a specific mac address to a bridge port

bridge fdb add 68:05:ca:30:63:69 dev port1 master vlan 1

remove a specific mac address from a bridge port

bridge fdb del 68:05:ca:30:63:69 dev port1 master vlan 1

High level architecture

|     netlink      |
| adaptation layer |
|     OpenFlow     |


baseboxd is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. A local copy can be found here


If you are looking for older versions of basebox(d) for controlling ovs and xdpd, you find those in the swx branch on github [1].